APS bond / factory levy plan totals $ 630 million

In-person postal voting for the Nov. 2 local election is underway at the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Schedule, as voters cast their ballot on Tuesday. The annex, 1500 Lomas NW, will continue to offer in-person postal voting from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday until October 15. Generalized advance in-person voting begins October 16. (Adolphe Pierre-Louis / Journal)

Albuquerque Public Schools are asking voters to approve a general duty and a set of factory taxes that would bring in $ 630 million in capital spending over a six-year period.

But questions about the obligations and taxes on the mills in the November poll would not result in a tax increase if approved, according to the district.

Kizito Wijenje, executive director of the APS master plan, said that instead of an increase in the tax rate, there would be a “maintenance of the existing tax rate”.

The bond question asks voters to approve a $ 200 million bond for construction of school buildings, improvement of school grounds, purchase of software and computer hardware for students and to provide funds for counterpart for capital expenditure projects.

The new factory tax would collect $ 430 million in taxes over six years.

However, Wijenje said property taxes could go down if voters don’t approve the mill tax, as the ballot measure would replace a previous mill tax passed in 2016, which is set to expire this year.

If approved, the mill levy will maintain the tax rate at $ 3.838 for every $ 1,000 of net assessed value of residential property and $ 4.344 for every $ 1,000 of net assessed value of non-residential property, a he declared.

The net taxable value is equal to one third of the taxable value of the property.

For a home valued at $ 300,000, that would equate to $ 383.80 in property taxes paid to the APS.

If the package is approved, nearly $ 300 million would fund construction projects at 19 schools – schools like Eldorado High School, Van Buren Middle School and Harrison Middle School are all expected to receive more than $ 30 million each.

A project checklist provided by APS shows that the funds would be used to design and build phases of a total school replacement.

Other high priority projects, according to APS, include upgrade improvements for eCademy and online school and building funds for La Mesa Elementary School, Desert Ridge Middle School and Whittier Elementary School.

The money would also fund district-wide capital projects with $ 110 million planned to fund educational technology in the classroom, $ 28 million for construction contingencies, portable classrooms and property acquisitions. and $ 12.5 million for safe and secure schools.

Charter schools would receive approximately $ 69 million.

Wijenje said the approval of the bond and factory tax package would provide money for “much needed repairs or upgrades to existing schools,” and every school, including schools in charter, “will benefit from the adoption of the election of the factory tax and the bond”.

Election day is November 2, postal voting begins October 5, and early voting is underway and ends on October 30.

In addition to the bond and mill tax package, voters will also vote for four open seats on the APS Education Council – Districts 3, 5, 6 and 7.

What would the APS factory levy, bond questions finance?

Below is a list of projects that the Albuquerque Public School District believes will be funded …

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