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I want to add to the recent, goodwritten rebuttals to Monzo editorials.

Claiming to define the expression of critical breed theory for readers of the Herald in its first op-ed, Monzo is simply typing in a term introduced to the general public by a man named Christopher Rufo, a conservative activist who used the phrase on Fox News in September 2020.

What is Critical Race Theory? It was, for most of its existence, a concept taught in law school courses as a means of examining the intersection of race and American law, challenging the dominant, ironically, liberal approaches of racial justice. I pulled this straight from Wikipedia, just as Monzo claims he did.

During his appearance on the Tucker Carlson show in 2020, Rufo called on President Trump to end the federal government’s critical race theory training.

Trump quickly took the bait and signed an executive order banning diversity training in federal departments. This decree has since been canceled by the new administration.

In his own words, Rufo has publicly stated that his purpose in using this obscure term is to create a negative connotation. To quote Rufo, “The point is to get the public to read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think of critical breed theory.”

He did a good job of creating panic over the school curriculum. What is included in the NJ teaching standards to combat prejudice is not a critical theory of race, but there is an incentive to make it think and think it in negative terms to influence opinion. and votes.

Now Monzo is acting as Rufo’s local spokesperson and fueling the flames by calling the term Marxist. This is simply not true, but a political fear tactic.

Since when has teaching correct history and fairness in school become such a political pawn? The NJ law will simply add to the learning standards concepts that all children should learn if this society is to ever achieve equality and real fairness.

Monzo declares in his second op-ed that equality means that all people have the same treatment under the law.

Anyone who believes that equality and fair outcomes are somehow accessible to everyone in this country is either naive or desperately trying to retain the privilege and power that comes from spreading this lie.

The Declaration of Independence did not grant equal opportunities to all, as he also states. Many of those residing in the new United States – women, blacks, and indigenous peoples – were just a few excluded from this original document. Future laws to address these omissions have been under-enforced or deliberately circumvented for decades.

One need only look at the fact that the Equal Rights Amendment, giving women the same rights as men and still not fully ratified or amended to the U.S. Constitution, to understand that not all Americans have a equal access.

By printing Monzo’s editorial as “journalism,” the Herald helps to perpetuate a false narrative.

We have seen time and time again that the words question, and it is time for those who recognize the spread of disinformation to speak up.

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