AnniPuf designed to empower children

Equip Color Families with Self-Love Tools

AnniPuf is family owned by 9-year-old Annika Mayon, who is a driving force behind the business she owns with her 39-year-old mother, Kitty. Annika is the founder of the company and has put forward her name which ends with Pretty Unicorn Food. There is no unicorn magic behind the scenes of this mother and child focused business, but rather the hard work, experience and expertise that comes with a black mother raising 5 half Hispanic children in a world learning diversity and embracing difference.

Kitty Mayon, who does the heavy lifting for this family business, explains the impetus behind the concept. “As a mother of 5 kids who run me, my sensitive skin was often overlooked. To save money and know my ingredients, I have been making all organic skin remedies, lotions, creams and ointments myself for years. I decided to showcase the best of the best of my homemade remedies that I have made over time and combine them with my children’s (cute) kawii characters. This was the birth of the AnniPuf brand and the birth of our product line.

In 2016, the family brand AnniPuf started selling organic cotton candy, sugar scrubs, skin healing creams, organic deodorants as well as a collection of soaps. Since its inception, AnniPuf has added wealth building tools as well as self-love products. These products include daily affirmation decks, such as the KID BOSS daily affirmation deck, as well as self-esteem products that include KID BOSS self-esteem reminder stickers.

Cute, attractive and educational, the goal of the AnniPuf is to meet the needs of black, Hispanic and other children in families of color who reside in inner cities and underserved communities. Ms. Mayon explains this part of AnniPuf’s mission as follows: “We are a Métis family and we wanted to create a family brand that showcases a successful family unit. We want all of our products to be fun, engaging and educational. We want children who use our products to have fun, learn to be confident while sharing wealth building tools with family members and others in their community. The age of Anni PUF Kids ranges from 6 months to 9 years old, so each character can relate to a wide range of children and families.

the AnniPuf The brand is driven by the passion of a large family that shares remarkable diversity. The goal of the product line is to engage and equip other similar and dissimilar families on the path to empowerment. Self-love, wealth and health are the cornerstone of the AnniPuf brand for children and adults. Creative star of family business Annika, 9, shares her unique wisdom about the brand. “Our Annipuf characters represent the magic within each of us and each of these characters has a special super power that reminds children of their greatness if they just dare to dream big. We give children the tools to bring out the magic in them. After all, just like the unicorn, everyone is unique and has their own magic.

AnniPuf products are currently available online 24/7 at The ongoing goal which so far is still on track despite the events of recent pandemic outages is for AnniPuf to open its first brick and mortar store in Boyle Heights, Calif., An underserved town where co -Founder Kitty Mayon grew up throughout her own childhood.

The future goals of this family business are to build numerous AnniPUF Selflove stores in the city center. AnniPuf will also be llaunch of a comprehensive business guide this month called KID BOSS, which will also be available July 18 at Barnes & Nobel, Amazon and all other platforms. The brand is I look forward to these stores providing the tools to develop and cherish their self-esteem and wealth building skills from an early age.

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