Andrew Sullivan on Illiberalism, Critical Race Theory and His New Book

Author, free thinker and provocateur Andrew Sullivan is, often, alone – fired from New York magazine, criticized for his opinions on … just about everything, writing from a “little room in Washington, DC”, on a branch (so to speak) even when he’s not there is no one there to defend it. And that’s exactly what makes him the American intellectual we need in our time.

Sullivan’s new book, Out on a limb, is a collection of his essays over the past 30 years; taken together, they are a testament to the power of one man’s ideas, and also a love letter to what has become so endangered – recent weird notions like pluralism and liberal democracy.

As part of Citizen Speaks powered by Comcast NBCUniversal and Fitler Club, Citizen co-founder Larry Platt spoke with Sullivan via Zoom last week about the presidents (Obama and Trump); freedom of expression (he still has it, fortunately); liberalism (in danger); the dangers of awakening and how we will come out with our freedoms intact.

“I am relatively optimistic that if we persevere and continue to manifest and practice liberalism, we will slowly regain it,” Sullivan said. “It’s going to be hard work. But the only way to save liberal society is to pass it.

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