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At least fifty-five people took the time out of their evening to attend the school board meeting on September 23, and several were planning to address the board. The room chosen for the meeting had a capacity of 49 if used as a classroom, although there were many more than that in last month’s meeting. When setting up the venue, 20 of the 55+ were allowed entry.

After registering to speak, those who were allowed to enter the room were informed that they could not speak as the topic they had chosen to discuss was not on the agenda. The areas of concern were mask warrants, vaccines and medical freedom, and how equity, diversity and inclusion are going to impact our New Ulm education system. These topics were not allowed, despite the fact that the publicly published agenda explicitly stated: “People wishing to address the Board of Directors on items that are NOT on the agenda will be recognized during the off-agenda portion of the meeting. “

And now? We will see if the school board is willing to hold a public dialogue on difficult issues that will have a huge impact on the education of ISD-88 children in the future. Do they want all concerned parents and citizens to have a say in the medical choices for their children and in how the minds of their children are shaped by the currently introduced ideologies that are so pervasive? Do they want the public’s contribution?

It is a turning point in the history of our community. Will the council allow public dialogue or suppress the voices of those most closely linked to the welfare of the children in their care? We look forward to how the school board will proceed in the future and whether it will find a fair and equitable way for every member of our community to have a voice. What now, school board?

Marie thom

New ULm

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