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How can we learn to understand and understand the changes in our contemporary changing world? NEW NOW online platform and discussion forum launches this weekend with a program of bi-monthly expert lectures, with panelists including philosophers, artists, activists and researchers.

The platform’s inaugural event, “Neomythologies and the Disintegration of Reality”, will go live on September 18 at 6 p.m. BST. Viewers can join philosophers Federico Campagna and Reza Negasterani as they chat with Sarah Shin, co-founder of feminist publishing house Silver Press, about how revisiting myths can help humanity adapt to change. climate change and promote gender equality.

Organized by the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg, the platform will broadcast online events for free in English and Russian. Before each conference, the platform will also publish an organized list of suggested readings.

“What drives the program is the absolute uniqueness of the present moment. Humanity as a whole is faced with the need to analyze its history and where it has taken us, ”said curator Anna Kirikova. Calvert’s Journal. “As the American writer William Gibson said in the 1990s: ‘The future is already here. It just isn’t evenly distributed ”. The NEW NOW is one way of bringing the ‘unevenly distributed’ elements together and allows us to accept challenges and risks, gain insight into opportunities and, in fact, gain more control over our own destiny and future. common. “

While details of future talks have yet to be announced, the program promises discussions on mental health, environmentalism, transhumanism and the idea of ​​post-truth.

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