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Mari Matsuda, a law professor at the University of Hawaii who was an early developer of critical race theory, says: “The problem isn’t bad people, the problem is a system that reproduces poor results.”

Professor Kimberle W. Crenshaw, a pioneering scholar and writer on critical race theory at Columbia Law School, says CRT “is a way of seeing, assisting, reporting, tracing and analyzing the ways in which race is produced – the ways in which racial inequality is facilitated, and the ways in which history has created these inequalities.

Contrary to the belief of some parents of public school students who have appeared at several school district council meetings across America, the theory is typically taught at the graduate level and (1) interrogated the role of race and racism in society and (2) criticized how the social construction of race and institutionalized racism perpetuates a racial caste system that relegates people of color to lower levels. Also, the statement doesn’t try to make white people feel bad about themselves. Discussions about the impact of historical injustices on people of color have spread nationally and globally in the sports world as well as in boardrooms and other businesses with the aim of elaborating a roadmap for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

In an effort to embrace the truth, I ask my white, black, and brown brothers and sisters to use your computer skills and Google “Black History Month.” Once you get the topic, scroll down to the subtopic “Black History Milestones: Timeline.” Exposure to this article can benefit all of us, if read in its entirety. This effort is not intended to embarrass anyone. George Orwell said, “Speaking the truth in an environment of deception is a revolutionary act.” Telling the truth or discovering lies, my brothers and sisters, can result in loss of friends, status, access to decision-making or credibility. Integrity is telling me the truth and honesty is telling the truth to others.

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