A fired substitute teacher in Georgia seems totally shocked to see the consequences of her actions

For context, McAllister Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia, area originally included everyone is welcome in a storytime program at school. This would involve an adult reading the book aloud to the students.

Barr, whose children attended the school, told the National exam in an interview that she believes the images in the book do not match her beliefs as a non-denominational Christian. She also told the outlet that she believes marriage should only be between men and women.

Barr, who herself had taught kindergarten for four years, worked in education for about 10 years, according to the Exam, and told the outlet that she wanted her children to be excused from the reading program that included the book in question. She told the outlet that she didn’t want her three sons taking classes that included homosexuality, period.

At some point, the Exam reports that Barr (after learning that she could indeed have her children excused from the reading event for everyone is welcome) expressed concern to the school principal about a poster hung in the classroom of one of his children, which allegedly included a drawing of two men and the message: “All adults have the right to get married and raise a family.

“It’s a program,” she wrote in part to the director at the time, according to the Exam. “That’s not right. If I couldn’t post Bible verses in my newsletters or read scriptures to my classes or cover my students aloud in prayer, that shouldn’t be allowed either.

And now? Barr reportedly works as a substitute teacher at an area private school … and she’s working with anti-LGBTQ+ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom (yup) to sue the school district, alleging they violated her First Amendment rights.

According to the review, the lawsuit alleges that the director fired Barr during a meeting in late August, where he was allegedly told that the expression of his religious views “revealed prejudice that raised a question.” [about] if she could provide for every child.

It’s almost, almost, almost as LGBTQ+ people deserve basic human rights and dignity, even though it makes some religious people uncomfortable. Wild, huh?

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