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A few miles south draw crowds to Southern Philosophy

Posted 3:27 p.m. on Friday, October 7, 2022

Tori Lund and Blake English might not be names you instantly know, but after several recent performances at Bainbridge, chances are you know their sound.

According to their bio, Few Miles South was created by local Blakely producer/engineer, Grammy-nominated Englishman and classically-trained Los Angeles-born singer Lund. But despite the image that the term “classical band” conjures up in your mind, Few Miles South have a distinctly traditional country sound with an upbeat vibe, and with tapping all around, they’re seemingly catching the attention of their younger members of the public and the elderly. identical generation.

Lund grew up in California, and that’s where she met English, the other half of what would become a few miles south. “He was there for a songwriting and publishing deal,” Lund said, “But we met at a church where we both played guitar and I sang. So we learned to know each other there, then we started writing music together.

English has been writing music all his life and recently opened a recording studio in Blakely called “Southern Fried Studio”. There he and Lund write, produce and record all of their original songs, but it took longer for Lund. “He kind of taught me how to write,” she said of English. “I always wanted to but, you know, I was always too much in my head about it,” she continued. “It’s definitely given me a boost of confidence, and we’ve been writing for about seven years now.”

Although it doesn’t quite resemble the big city music scene, Bainbridge has attracted a variety of shows to different venues over the past few years. Restaurants and businesses have played a vital role in supporting the arts, such as Southern Philosophy Brewing, located in the plaza. Playing on a small stage in the popular company’s gravel-covered backyard, the backdrop of iconic red brick and historic southern architecture provides a great place to sit and enjoy the sophisticated beats. and the effortless vocals of Few Miles South, who say they’ve performed here many times.

But for them, it’s just one step on an exciting journey to pursue what they love. “The ideal situation would be to start, in some way, collaborations or tours with other musicians,” Lund said. “We’d like to start a music festival somewhere in or near Blakely,” she continued, “and involve more local bands that people might not know as much.”

Few Miles South has a slate of upcoming performances on their touring slate, but will return to Southern Philosophy Brewing on Friday, November 4. You can find their full schedule at their website www.fewmilessouth.com, and more information about their recording studio at www.southernfriedstudio.com.

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