A con artist celebrates his winning streak with a concert tour

Calvin’s approach to performance has also been enriched by the opportunity to undertake masterclasses at Con and abroad with acclaimed pianists such as Angela Hewitt, Jahja Ling, Boris Berman, Ferenc Rados, Denes Varjon, Justas Dvarionas and Michael Endres. He also found inspiration in exploring the breadth of knowledge held by the Conservatorium, taking a diverse mix of electives during his studies.

“It’s important to broaden your musical perspective through the history and theory courses available at Con,” he says. “I am currently the subject of advanced conducting under Stephen Mold and George Ellis, which has given me a different perspective in analyzing and studying piano music for my future recitals.”

“Bach’s Preludes and Fugues will make more sense when you understand their harmonic and contrapuntal details and their logic, and you will interpret Mozart’s sonatas better if you can decipher the formal and phrasal structure of the music. The most important work begins in our mind before it reaches our fingers!

After his concert tour, Calvin will return to Verbrugghen Hall on May 13, 2022, to perform at Chancellor’s Concert with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Symphony Orchestra.

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