10 biopics that were made against the subject’s (or his family’s) wishes

Over the years, biopics have become a mainstay of cinema. Movies about inspiring historical figures like Muhammad Ali and Gandhi, incredibly famous artists like Elton John and Queen, or even true stories from the crime world like Goodfellas or Bonnie and Clyde, the genre is full of groundbreaking films.

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While fans and viewers adore movies based on incredible real-life stories, those the movie is based on aren’t always thrilled. Whether certain characters have been distorted or certain events have been too far removed from the truth, these great films have often come under heavy criticism from the subject and his family.

ten Nina Simone’s daughter wasn’t a fan of her biopic Nina at all, but it wasn’t because of the actors

Nina simone

Nina Simone was a well-known singer-songwriter and civil rights activist, with an incredible story to tell the world, but the film Nina was the subject of much criticism from the singer’s daughter. Not only was the cast of Zoe Saldana, who wore skin-darkening makeup and a prosthetic nose – a little odd to say the least – with Saldana even admitting that she regrets the role, but some of the writing was also simple lies. .

One big lie according to her daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly, was the inclusion of a romantic relationship between Simone and her manager Clifton Henderson, who she said was actually gay. This is exactly how you wouldn’t want your mother’s amazing work to be remembered.

9 Benedict Cumberbatch was actually asked not to star in the Fifth Estate by Julian Assange himself

The fifth state

Despite the casting of one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, Benedict Cumberbatch, The fifth state failed to deliver on its promises on almost every level after its 2013 release. The story of the infamous Julian Assange and WikiLeaks was a well-known story that saw the founder leak classified information.

While a criminal in the eyes of the United States government, Assange is considered a hero by many, but this film did not do him justice, with Assange himself calling it a “massive propaganda attack.” According to him, the film was nothing but a bunch of lies all constructed as “a work of political expediency, influence, revenge and, above all, cowardice”.

8 Patch Adams was a huge box office hit but was not a success in the eyes of the real Patch Adams

The huge box office success, Patch Adams, was a brilliant and heartwarming film about the life of an American doctor who used his jokes and costumes when caring for ailing patients. His methods kept the mood and Adams focused on activist work and built a free hospital.

As the film focused on his relationships with patients, Adams was angry with the film, and Robin Williams too, for focusing too much on the comedic side and ignoring all the other brilliant work he had done. That changed slightly after Williams’ unfortunate death in 2014, where Adams recalled his kind personality and how he raised awareness of his mission.

7 Jane Hawking’s story wasn’t told as accurately as she would have liked in Theory of Everything

The theory of everything

The brilliant and inspiring story of Stephen Hawking hit the big screen in 2014 with The theory of everything. While the film focused a bit on his enormous work in the field of theoretical physics, most of the film was devoted to following Hawking and his relationship with Jane Hawking.

A prime example was the cute meeting at a party in Cambridge which never happened, in fact the two met at a New Years party and then later by chance on the train. Another is Jane’s relationship with Jonathan, where in real life Jane says she remained loyal to Stephen for their entire marriage.

6 Social Network was a breakthrough movie that really didn’t go well with Mark Zuckerberg

Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, showed him as an incredibly arrogant, selfish, yet brilliant coder who went on to create one of the greatest platforms of the 21st century. While Zuckerberg agreed the wardrobe was absolutely perfect, there were aspects of the writing that hurt him particularly.

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For example, the idea that he created Facebook to get revenge for a breakup and in order to attract more girls was completely invented according to Zuckerberg, in fact, he even claimed to have dated his now wife Priscilla Chan. At least they have the dress code!

5 Another Aaron Sorkin storyline, Moneyball, was also supposed to be full of inaccuracies

The 2011 film about the incredible journey of the Oakland As and their general manager Billy Beane was known to have some minor inaccuracies for a while. From a character singing a song that came out six years after the film was made, to some players on the Ace List who don’t respect enough the role they played, but the most important came from trainer Art Howe , which had a lot to say about the inaccuracy.

The former team manager was unhappy with his physical appearance on screen, even complaining about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s weight in the film and portraying him refusing to use Scott Hatteberg or Chad Bradford in his team despite Beane’s opinion.

4 The Blind Side won Sandra Bullock an Oscar but complicated Michael Oher’s career

The blind side

The uplifting story of a homeless black teenager, adopted by a generous family, then drafted into the NFL and become a Super Bowl-winning Left Tackle should have been just that, uplifting. Sadly, he has been accused by many of perpetuating the “white savior” stereotype and has not been taken very well by Michael Oher himself.

The NFL star complained that it actually had a negative impact on his career, with more and more people scrutinizing his every move, with fans and other players now forming opinions on him based on of her life and struggles rather than of her ability to play on her own.

3 Frank Abagnale’s journey of the ’60s counterfeit wasn’t 100% accurate in Catch Me If You Can

One of the most chaotic but fun movies of the 21st century was 2002 Catch Me If You Can, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. The biopic follows DiCaprio’s Frank Abagnale as he uses the art of deception to become a lawyer, doctor, pilot and become America’s most successful bank robber at the age of 17.

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Frank Abagnale loved the way the movie portrayed his relationship with his father because in real life he never saw his father as he left home as a teenager. But, over the years, his opinion of the film turned negative as he regretted his past actions, and Spielberg’s success seemed to glorify his past mistakes.

2 All-time classic Lawrence of Arabia hasn’t received a positive reaction from Lawrence’s brother

Laurence of Arabia

The epic 1962 film experience followed the incredible life of British Lieutenant TE Lawrence is considered one of the best films of all time, let alone one of the best biopics. He was responsible for assessing the ally Prince Faisal during the battle against the Turks. With 10 Oscar nominations to its name, it’s fair to say that the film is an absolute movie classic.

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Despite the praise from almost everyone, Lawrence’s brother, AW, looked down on him. He hated it so much that he refused to let director David Lean use the title “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” for his film, even though it was TE’s own memoir and served as a inspiration for the majority of the film.

1 The recent Oscar-winning green book didn’t impress Don Shirley’s family

Green book

The uplifting and somewhat charming friendship between Italian-American pilot and bigmouth Tony “Lip” Vallelonga and world-renowned pianist Don Shirley took center stage in the Best Oscar-winning Picture of 2019. Their award. friendship was part of the story, but some of Shirley’s family weren’t too happy.

In fact, Shirley’s sister-in-law, Patricia, claimed that all the friendship is way over the top and in real life it is just an employee-employer relationship. Another relative, Shirley’s brother Maurice, was not very happy with the idea that Tony was “teaching” Shirley how to be black.

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