10 Best Reddit Reactions To Cillian Murphy As J. Robert Oppenheimer

The arrival of the first Christopher Nolan trailer Oppenheimer instantly captured the internet’s attention and sparked anticipation among fans of the divisive filmmaker. Nolan’s latest film is a biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the so-called “father of the atomic bomb”, and stars Peaky Blinders Favorite Cillian Murphy in the lead role.

To date Murphy has amassed a devoted fan base and he has previously worked with Nolan on a variety of his films. However, when it comes to lead roles, Oppenheimer arguably marks one of the greatest opportunities of Murphy’s career, if not the greatest. Reddit users have been particularly vocal about this, as evidenced by the top reactions below.


ten No fun with black and white

Oppenheimer marks Nolan’s first foray into black-and-white cinema since the 2000s Memento. His acting has grown tremendously since then, as has his ability to cast some of the best actors working today. But as a Reddit user AOHare worries: “A black and white film with Cillian Murphy!? But then how can I get lost in her ocean blue eyes!! ??”

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It may seem trivial to many, but casting Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer inevitably means his fanbase will be very engaged with the film. A lot of that is down to his acting abilities, of course, but some of that fanbase are also more than a little in love with the Irish star. For these people, the idea of ​​a black-and-white film takes away at least one of Murphy’s finest attributes.

9 A radical change

Although the excitement is building rapidly for Oppenheimer, the truth is, it’s a bit different from the kind of movies Nolan is known for. Murphy may look promising in the eponymous lead role, but Reddit user Above ground_Plush makes a good point by stating, “Every time he wears a fancy costume, I feel like he’s going to start beating people up.”

Having played the role of Thomas Shelby in the hit series Peaky Blinders for six seasons, Murphy earned a reputation as a badass. This may seem at odds with some of his earlier work like 28 days later Where Breakfast on Pluto, but now fans have a distinct impression of him that doesn’t quite fit a much more docile role of a theoretical physicist. Nevertheless, anticipation remains high.

8 An explosive presence

Because Oppenheimer follows the story of Oppenheimer and his development of the atomic bomb, there will be plenty of opportunities to see explosions on the big screen. But the exploding bombs aren’t the focus of the film, and Reddit user here is the man sums up how beloved Murphy is by stating very simply, “The dude is the bomb.”

The slang term may fit well in this particular context, and it may also make more than a few people groan. However, even from a literal perspective, calling Murphy the bombshell is entirely appropriate. Oppenheimer connects the life of the infamous scientist and the creation of the atomic bomb, and Murphy could very well deliver an explosive performance as the man who created the world’s deadliest weapon.

seven Targeting Rewards Season

Oppenheimer has such a star-studded cast and the subject matter is so grandiose, it’s hard not to consider its Oscar hopes. Reddit user mystlurker says what many of us think: “Given how much the Academy loves biopics, there’s Oscar bait written all over the place. If it’s even a half-decent movie/actor, it’ll at least get a nomination.

Despite a long and impressive career, to date Murphy has never received an Oscar nomination. And even though he’s worked with Christopher Nolan before, it’s Oppenheimer which finally provides Murphy with the kind of leadership role that can change his status as an actor. Because of this potential, her casting in Oppenheimer is arguably the most important of his life – although some think it’s just Oscar bait.

6 He has the look

Biopics can often be awards favorites, but there’s always a certain degree of authenticity that needs to be achieved before things can progress to that level. What usually matters most is how accurately the subject of the biopic is portrayed. As a Reddit user CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN points out: “Excellent casting. Cillian Murphy looks remarkably like Oppenheimer.

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Whether or not Murphy looks like Oppenheimer is debatable, and will likely be the source of much speculation both before the film arrives and after. Sometimes looking like the biopic’s source material can be overshadowed by an airtight performance, and in that case, it’s fair to say that Murphy can play that role. For now, though, fans seem to approve of his Oppenheimer transformation.

5 Another kind of Oppenheimer

The idea of ​​a black-and-white biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer doesn’t exactly scream sex appeal. After all, Oppenheimer was responsible for creating the deadliest weapon mankind has ever produced. This information did not stop the user from Reddit Forty_six_and_twoto declare, “Oh, I see…that’s going to be sexy Oppenheimer.”

Again, for a certain portion of Murphy’s fanbase, his status as a sex symbol is paramount. That being said, just because Murphy is appealing to many doesn’t mean that’s how the character will be played. It’s almost a guarantee that sex appeal won’t be taken into account Oppenheimer ground. However, Nolan can imbue Oppenheimer’s story with a glorification of power, which many find sexy.

4 Not for everybody

Christopher Nolan’s films can certainly be divisive. Even with its impressive cast and Murphy as Oppenheimer, the film’s first trailer didn’t sit well with everyone. Reddit user AndLeaveRinse sums up that sentiment by saying, “Such a pretentious trailer. Shows absolutely nothing. Only Nolan would think it deserved a trailer. It’s literally Murphy walking down a hallway.

Ignoring the fact that a trailer is specifically designed to not show too much, there’s not much to judge Murphy yet. He earned what some would say is the most important part of taking on a biopic role, having substantial fan support behind him. However, it remains to be seen what he will do with the role and how engaging his performance is.

3 too cool for school

Oppenheimer’s academic history was long. Although he excelled in chemistry, he later focused on theoretical physics before being employed by the United States to oversee work on an atomic bomb. In short, he was a genius, but some don’t see that in Murphy. Reddit user traitor man said, “He looks so cool. Oppenheimer was a nerd.

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To dismiss Murphy’s casting as Oppenheimer based on whether or not he looks cool is more than a little frivolous. Even considering Oppenheimer’s academic accomplishments as “nerdy” is a meaningless qualifier, primarily because the idea of ​​what constitutes a nerd lacks any solid definition. Oppenheimer was a man of science – a designation that Murphy is quite capable of portraying.

2 Oppenheimer or Eilish?

With the internet and social media platforms, unveiling a biopic’s lead actor is guaranteed to involve some jokes from the audience. The first teaser for Oppenheimer was no different in this respect, as illustrated by Reddit user AllNightPonywho addressed Murphy’s appearance with, “Looks like Billie Eilish is wearing a men’s suit and hat.”

This is arguably one of the most ridiculous claims regarding Murphy’s Oppenheimer look. Granted, there’s a very faint resemblance between the famous popstar and Murphy, but that’s not enough to warrant the comparison. The statement will likely elicit a few laughs, but ultimately Murphy deserves the benefit of the doubt as to his ability to capture Oppenheimer’s look and character.

1 Lots of enthusiasm

If there’s one specific thing to take away from the recent reaction to Murphy as Oppenheimer, it’s that fans are excited. Despite the negative impact Oppenheimer ultimately had on the world, Murphy fans see it as an opportunity. Reddit user SammyLuke expresses this opinion by stating, “I am hyped for Mr. Murphy to have a major role like this. The guy is going to kill him.

Whether you’re a fan of Murphy or Nolan, it’s hard to deny that this is the kind of opportunity actors work for their entire career. Oppenheimer could be a massive critically acclaimed hit, or could also be a box office failure. What’s certain is that the role will give Murphy a chance to try something new with his job, and it’s an exciting prospect for fans everywhere.

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